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You deserve to pamper yourself.

Acupuncture Tools


Your first visit includes a consult and needling treatment. A consult lasts between 20 to 30 minutes and then you sit with the needles & receive other therapies for anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes.We will review your current health concerns and overview your medical history. Please feel free to bring any medical records that you feel could be relevant to the issue you are addressing.

Please arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to fill out the necessary paperwork (or download it here and fill it out ahead of time). For example, if you scheduled an appointment for 10:30 you would need to arrive at 10:10-10:15 to fill out the necessary paperwork. If you arrive at your appointment time without the paperwork being filled out, you may not be able to receive the full amount of time designated for your needling.

Dress Code: Acupuncture points used for your treatment will determine what areas of your body that needs to be exposed. Please wear appropriate clothing, such as loose pants that can be moved above the knee, loose fitting shirts that can be moved to expose lower or upper back. If at any time you are uncomfortable please let the acupuncturist know.

Significant others and friends are welcome in the treatment room as long as they don’t disturb the treatment and only with your expressed permission.

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