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Dr. Avni’s Daily Planner

Hello hello & happy almost-September! I thought I would do something different from my regular monthly health blog. I created this Daily Planner and thought I would share for all of my fellow neurodivergent friends (but anyone can use this).

I was diagnosed with ADHD early 2021 & receiving that diagnosis as an adult felt like I finally had an explanation. However, since my diagnosis, I’ve learned a lot about life with ADHD and one aspect of that is how to keep track of daily tasks. If you want to learn how I use this format to help me, continue reading below this image:

First, I start with “Brain Dump”. This is the section where I write anything I can think of that I want to get done. This can includes tasks that may feel as mundane as “take a shower”, “clean the litter box”, or “take out the trash”.

Next, I move on to the “Top 3” section. These are the top 3 things that I have to get done today. Keeping it to 3 things feels attainable & prevents me from getting overwhelmed.

Once I’ve completed these two items, I organize these tasks into an hourly schedule. When creating the hourly schedule, I stay mindful of keeping plenty of time available to allow for flexibility instead of rigidity.

Lastly, I like to loosely plan out what I’m going to eat for the breakfast, lunch, snacks, & dinner so I remember to nourish my body. This also helps me reduce food waste and save money by recalling what I have in the fridge/pantry instead of ordering food. I also fill in each “water drop” for every 10-oz as a reminder to stay hydrated.

I hope you found this helpful!

Love always,

Dr. Avni

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