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Why You Need A Daily Supplement Tracker + Free Downloadable:

Are you team “take all my supplements at once” or are you type-A/team “I spread them out throughout the day”? If you relate to the first option, you aren’t alone. In fact, most of my patients will tell me that they take all their supplements at once because otherwise they will completely forget to take them. And while I may be *internally cringing* I’m not one to judge because I know how hard it is to remember to space all your supplements & medications out.

So I got to thinking and decided to create my own “My Daily Supplement Tracker'' and it’s a tool I’ve been utilizing for myself and my patients. While the weekly supplement organizers are nice, they don’t always fit everything you need to take at a time and aren’t always practical for things like powders, liquids, or chewables. I’ll either fill out the Daily Supplement Tracker for them or send them a blank version so they can plan it out in a way that fits their life best. Then, just print it out and use it as a visual guide to refer to (or keep a screenshot of it on your phone if that’s easier).

Personally, using this keeps me from feeling overwhelmed, helps me integrate taking supplements easily into my routine, and actually makes supplements more effective for what they’re intended to do. When we take 5, 10, 15 pills all at once, our digestive tracts have to work extra hard to break down the capsules and absorb the nutrients.

Not to mention, when I’m creating a protocol for my patients, I may instruct that some things be taken on an empty stomach, taken with food, or be taken during a specific time of day. For example, proteolytic enzymes for joint pain have to be taken on an empty stomach to be most effective; vitamin D is best absorbed when taken with food; and generally, adaptogenic herbs should be taken earlier in the day (avoid taking past 3 pm). Because of all of these nuances, mapping it all out really is such a useful tool to help you stick to a plan.

If you’d like to download My Daily Supplement Tracker, simply save this to your camera roll and use the “markup tool” or download it as a PDF here.

To give you more context, here’s an example of how I plan my own day out:

As you can see, the left-hand column is where I list out everything I need to take in a day. I include the name, dose, and when/how to take it (with food, in the morning, etc). Next, in the bottom left corner, I include my 3 “non-negotiables” for things I HAVE to take daily. For me, it’s inositol powder (Ovasitol), magnesium, and thyroid medication. Then, on the right hand side, is where the fun happens - with the information you filled out on the left, input it all on the right with the amount you need to take. In my case, for example, I know I need to add 1 scoop of Ovasitol to my water, take 1 capsule of of NAC, and 2 capsules of B-complex with breakfast.

See how easy that was? And now you can actually visualize what you should be taking and when to take it without suffering through taking 10 pills all at once. Ouch.

If you would like to work together on your health goals or seeking extra support, book your free Discovery Call today!

Disclaimer: This post is purely educational and does not serve as individual medical advice. Please consult with your HCP/PCP before making any changes to your current healthcare regimen.

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